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Learn the simple but powerful strategies you need to
solve your worst workplace problems, energize your people and
Hire With Confidence, Fire Without Fear, Tame Toxic Employees and Put Your Team on the Fast Track to Record-Shattering Success
If you're trying to manage people without the skills I'll give you in this seminar,
you're risking your career, your health and your sanity
Dear LaGrange County Chamber Member:
I'm betting you're a good person - reasonable in your expectations, respectful of other peoples' feelings, quick to praise, slow to criticize and eager to live by the Golden Rule.
So why is it that some of your people keep doing things that bring your whole team down and make you look like the village idiot?
Why do you end up leaving work stressed and frustrated and ready to throw in the towel? And wake up the next morning wanting nothing more than to call in sick and crawl back under the covers?
Short answer: you're stuck with managing human beings - and human beings have a nearly endless ability to make things difficult.
Slightly longer answer: You haven't had a chance to learn the absolutely key, simple, straightforward techniques that can make YOU the kind of manager other managers envy and admire - the kind of manager whose team is happy, loyal and just as productive as all get out.
Problem Employees:
If You Can't Live WITH Them
and You Can't Live WITHOUT Them
You’d Better Find Out How to Fix Them
Let's start out by taking a closer look at the problem and four key facts about managing people in today's workplace.
  1. Every manager - even the most successful -- is confronted by difficult people from time to time. What makes the successful ones successful is their ability to deal with toxic behavior and turn trash into treasure.
  2. As often as not the annoying and disruptive person who's driving everyone nuts is also darn good at his or her job - so simply getting rid of them probably isn't the answer.
  3. Even if your heart fairly aches with desire to fire a toxic employee you may not be able to tolerate the threat of legal hassles or the time it takes for his or her replacement to go through the learning curve and get up to speed on the position.
  4. At the same time, you KNOW that if you don't do something, your problem employee is going to spread his or her poison, damage morale and make your life a misery. A single rotten apple really CAN spoil the whole barrel.
"Great information on how to interview and pick out possibly hard workers. Also how to take steps on firing people.”

Anayel Aviles
Wichita County
Wichita Falls, TX

One Simple Solution to Your Problems
Have you had it with employees who spread malicious gossip, cry at the slightest criticism, constantly backstab and always blame others for their shortcomings?

Are you sick of being challenged, of having to mediate between employees who have it in for each other, of trying to come up with ways to get people to report on time and actually DO the work they're assigned?

Then you need to know that help is on the way - in the form of a short, intensive and (amazingly enough) enjoyable seminar that reveals all the powerful strategies and tactics you need to defuse tension, derail problem behavior and defang even the most malicious employee. So you can manage those difficult people effectively, bring them solidly in to the team, get them producing and make yourself a hero.

Managing Can be Fun --
IF You Know the Secrets to Success

Absolutely true. Managing effectively can be a blast - I know that from doing it myself as the owner of a very successful business for 19 years.

To make it fun, though, YOU have to be in control - ready to pounce on problems before they take hold - empowered with the skills to lead people to success. Skills like the ones I teach in my seminar, including:

  • The one strategy you MUST know to fix bad attitudes. Use this “attitude adjustment” tool and watch problem employees turn into stars.
  • How to keep employees from questioning you with just five perfectly polite but almost magically powerful words.
  • Two simple things that actually motivate people more than money. A plus under any circumstances but a HUGE blessing if your company or organization is on a tight budget. (If you're NOT on a tight budget in today's world, please invite me to come to YOUR seminar.)
  • A quick and easy action you can take to end gossip (and no, it doesn't involve a muzzle.)
  • How to fire without fear - because you know what you're doing is totally and completely legal. I admit it, even my strategies can't fix every situation. There ARE times when you need to fire someone before he or she sets you up for a lawsuit - or worse.
  • How to recognize the line between helping employees and enabling them -- and keep from crossing it. If kindness comes naturally to you, you need this information NOW.

That's just a small sample of the things we'll talk about. You'll also learn how to deal with tattletales, whiners, office hypochondriacs (and others who think having a hangover or tickets to the game entitles them to sick leave), folks who throw temper tantrums, bosses who don't back you up and lots more.

"Since attending this seminar,
I've changed my whole approach
to hiring & firing.
In my office hangs one of Glenn's quotes:
"Don't marry someone you intend to change,
or hire people you intend to fix.”

Finis Kelso, Owner
Taco Bell of West Plains, MO
How do I cram it all into just three hours? Experience counts - and I've coached literally thousands of managers over the years. I know what strategies have allowed them to dramatically increase their income, status and personal satisfaction. And those are exactly the strategies I'll lay out for you - simply, clearly and with YOUR needs in mind.

PLUS, you'll receive a 17-page workbook to take home and consult as you begin to use these powerful strategies to TAKE CHARGE.
Make it Easy By
Starting With the Best People

As a special bonus, I'll also give you the tools you need to find and hire the very best employees. These are the strategies the big headhunters don't want you to know - roadmaps to where the bright, motivated people you need are hiding.
You'll learn:

  • How to find people who truly WANT to work (as opposed to the far-more-plentiful folks what just want a paycheck) even in tight labor markets.
  • How to spot red flags on job applications virtually instantly - the kind of signals that fairly scream “don't waste your time interviewing this one."
  • Hiring techniques that absolutely slash turnover - letting you avoid unnecessary recruitment and training that costs money and makes you look bad.
  • The most revealing interview questions. Use these if you absolutely HAVE to know what kind of person you're talking to.
  • A special “Truth Serum” that will give you the power to tell when people are lying. So good, it's like being able to see their noses growing right in front of you. 
    "I learned more
    in Glenn's program
    than in ten years as a supervisor!"
    Rosemary Galayda
    Lake County Prosecutor
    Painesville, OH
    Why THIS Seminar?
    My Experience and Your Convenience

You're sick of being a babysitter and frustrated by the results. You want to lead, make a difference and, quite frankly, be a star. So you're more than ready to learn the most successful management strategies on the planet.

But where? And from whom?

May I suggest that the seminar I'll be holding with the LaGrange County Chamber of Commerce on JOctober 13 is your very best choice.

Not only have I walked a ton of miles in your shoes as a business owner with plenty of people to manage, I'm also the best-selling author of three books on management. What's more, supervisors in 17 countries look forward eagerly to my weekly management newsletter and literally thousands of managers say the skills I've taught them have made them - and their organizations - happier, more productive. So when I say I'm experienced, I mean it - and I'm willing to back up that claim with this rock-solid GUARANTEE:
If you aren't completely satisfied with the tools, strategies and tactics you learn at my seminar, I'll refund 100% of your tuition - no questions asked.

Plus, I'm bringing all that experience right to your neighborhood - so you won’t waste a single drop of that precious gas. And you can be stingy with your organization's budget and your own valuable time - because this seminar takes only 3 hours and costs just $149 (Only $129 for chamber members).

Click this black button to save your seats now.

Act Fast, Get More
That strikes me as a pretty fair deal - but I'll go one step further.
Knowing promptly how many people will be at a seminar makes it easier for my staff to assure everyone's comfort. SO... If you sign up before October 9th I'll:
Give you a handsome and inspirational Glenn’s Rules of Work Poster
(an additional $20 value - for FREE!)
So there you have it - the strategies and tools you need to take charge, make things happen and become the kind of manager people admire, consult and, yes, envy. All available at a location near you for a price you can afford. 
Plus a fun gift if you act fast.
Click on this button to reserve your seats. 
I look forward to seeing you in LaGrange on October 13th.

Glenn Shepard